Introducing FLANO/RALFO

The Financial Literacy Action Network Ottawa (FLANO/RALFO) will officially become the first network to bring together a multitude of organizations and individuals from various sectors in the community involved in financial literacy, with the goal of raising awareness about the financial literacy needs and benefits among the most vulnerable members of the Ottawa’s population.

Following on the footsteps of the National Task Force on Financial Literacy and the network is acting on the first priority of their final report (February 2011), that states that “strengthening the financial literacy of the population and achieving real and measurable success is a shared responsibility that will require concerted and cooperative efforts among all stakeholders in order to leverage their expertise and experience.”

Chaired by Ottawa’s largest and long established financial literacy community organization, the network aims to lead the way in order to become a comprehensive resource and platform for anyone who is looking for information, tools, activities, initiatives, success stories and community services on financial literacy in Ottawa.

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